Artasee Presents: Bert Wills "Lonesome Highway" Digital Download

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Bert Wills new solo album "Lonesome Highway" is ready for shipping. It's Bert at his best!! Eleven songs, all original, with words and lyrics written by Bert Wills. Nine of these songs were recorded February 2016. Two songs, Up Drunk and Gone, and Some of My Friends, were recorded in the 70's and feature Bert with a full band and are included as a little lagniappe for his dedicated friends and fans who've stood by him all these years. Check on the SHOP page and order NOW. There's not a lot of them left (they sold better than hot cakes at the Hip Waders gigs last weekend) so get 'em while they last!!! If you'd prefer you can buy them AND the 4GDB CD's and VINYL albums in person at The Silver Spot Saloon at 5202 Ave. S, Galveston, Texas. Owner Mary Pregler has been a Bert Wills supporter in countless ways for decades and has our deepest thanks.