• 4GDB Volume II

    The long-awaited companion to the first 4GDB cd is here and ready to ship or download! Volume II has the six songs that were available previously only as downloads plus two more tracks here for the first time-John Inmon's take on the Fats Domino classic, "YA YA", and an Alan Haynes original, "LOWDOWN, MEAN AND EVIL".

  • 4GDB on CD
    Available Now

    A limited number of CDs have been rush-ordered and available for purchase NOW!
    Be the first one in your social circle, or whatever shape it assumes, who can rightfully say “yeah, I was the one who turned everybody on to these guys.”

  • 4GDB on Vinyl
    Available Now

    The same 11 songs on the CD with the added enhancement of hearing it as it was designed to be heard, on vinyl.

  • Artasee Presents: 4GDB Digital
    Download - Entire Album

    11 tracks of guitar gold recorded in analog, the old-school way, are now availabe.

  • Artasee Presents:
    Bert Wills
    "Lonesome Highway" CD

    Bert Wills new solo album "Lonesome Highway" is ready for shipping. It´s Bert at his best!! Eleven songs, all original, with words and lyrics written by Bert Wills.