Test pressings have been approved and we're on our way to 4GDB- The Vinyl Album! Vinyl is what it was all about from the beginning, why we recorded on tape and did some other old-fashioned stuff. So, the wait is almost over. Only 1000 are ordered for the first pressing.  *******DO NOT DILLY-DALLY!!!!!! ******Order now for likely (but not guaranteed) Christmas delivery. 

    ​It's a double album- 4 sides- on heavy (180 gram) audiophile-preferred platters.. This is the real thing- like in the old days. Bring the band into your living room for a one-of-a-kind guitar experience (Warning: DO NOT ACTUALLY BRING THE BAND INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM. IT VOIDS MOST INSURANCE POLICIES AND VIOLATES SEVERAL CRIMES AGAINST NATURE). It's Texas guitar-playing at it's best. Just crank it up and enjoy it or plug in your guitar and try to keep up. There's a nice slow dance or two in there also, so grab your honey at the appropriate time. Go to the SHOP page and order now!!!!