Saturday April 22, 2017 -


      NASA released a brand-new 4K video (with the 6K Red Epic Dragon cinema camera) of Earth, shot from the ISS (International Space Station). It is an assemblage of super high resolution video of our little piece of the solar system, Mother Earth. Just standing alone it is one of the most incredible videos I've ever seen, but with "Boogie for Mr. Wills" as the soundtrack for this nearly 10 minute film I have to say I'm something beyond astounded. A lot of heart and soul went into this record and the chance that millions of folks around the world will get their first taste of 4GDB as a result of this video is extremely humbling and gratifying.    

   Our deepest and most profound thanks go to everyone who had a hand in this project, including the team of folks at NASA here in the Houston area (who also happen to be music-lovers, and very discerning ones at that) for picking "Boogie for Mr. Wills" to accompany the stunning footage in this amazing video. Thanks also to everyone else here on Earth and orbiting Earth who contributed their time, talent, and effort. Well done, very well done. 


      Up until now we've pretty much relied on word-of-mouth grass-roots advertising to spread the word about the 4GDB album. But now, dang, we're not just world-wide, we done gone to space! "This is Houston, and we've got a record you ought to hear!" For all you first-timers to this website- Welcome, explore all the sights and stories, and then please visit the Store Page. Also, please tell your friends and family that are into vinyl albums that this is one record they're going to need. Or, buy it for them for birthdays, holidays, etc. Spread the word through your social networks-be a part of telling folks about this music- it all started with one guy who wanted to tell the world about some under recognized and highly talented Texas musicians (and one from Kentucky) who also happen to be great guys.


      To those of you who've already been here and done that, Volume 2 is in the works. It will likely have some of the download-only songs that wouldn't fit on the first record and some more tracks from that session in February 2015.


      I'm reminded that the record is dedicated to the memory of Bert's dad, Mr. Bert Wills, Sr. who passed away the first day of studio recording of this album. It is fitting that the song bearing his name is the one that highlights these beautiful views of Earth.   Rest in peace, Mr. Wills. 


Thanks again to everyone. 


Dan Cook, founder of Artasee Records, brother of everyone in 4GDB, and concerned resident of planet Earth- "It's the only planet we've got, let's don't screw it up." (paraphrased)