The boys are back in town..."4GDB Volume II" is the follow-up to 2015's outstanding collaboration between Texas guitar maestros Alan Haynes, Derek O'Brien, John Inmon, and Bert Wills. Together with drummer Paul Pearcy and bassist Glen Fukunaga, 4GDB is a musical All-Star team. And judging by their new release, they still have plenty to say.

"Volume II"picks upright where the first album left off. In fact, these are additional tracks from those initial, epic sessions. So it's a seamless transition, and a listening experience that fans are sure to enjoy.

As with the first offering, "Volume II" is a bit of a potluck. A few instrumentals, some effective vocals, a couple of original ideas, and a collection of well-chosen cover tunes. The production on this disc is raw, dry, and like its predecessor, totally fitting. From the slide guitar work on the swampy opener"Lowland Mambo", to the scat feel of "Comin' Home Baby", and onto a moody interpretation of the classic "St. James Infirmary", all six of these battle-tested musicians are on point and totally in their element. It's an inspired performance, one that serves as a "how to" demonstration for younger players. Hey Junior, wanna know What time, feel, and groove sound like? Give this one a spin.

Haynes takes a couple of tasty lead vocal turns on the Jimmy Reed number "Buy Me A Hound Dog” and his own contribution "Lowdown, Mean And Evil". For one of "Volume II's" most enjoyable moments, Inmon takes the mic for a brilliant version of “Ya Ya”. Pearcy and Fukunaga lay it down hot and groovy on the 4GDB original "Funk It'. And while this second effort retains virtually all of the elements of the first, there is one notable exception: guest vocalist Annika Chambers delivers on a powerful rendition of "People Get Ready". It's a moment that takes an already impressive effort to an even higher level. This is likely the final release from this virtual supergroup. To say they're going out in style would be an understatement. Artasee.com